What is We Print Houses?

We Print Houses is an industry-changing all-in-one 3D printed home technology system that can be licensed by builders and contractors across the country. The system, which is the first permitted 3D home printing system in the US, includes a mobile platform and all the corresponding mechanics needed to construct 3D printed homes that are exponentially more time efficient, waste reducing and disaster resistant than traditionally built homes.

How do you print a house?

Using a desktop printer as the analogy, there are three main components to the process: the machine that disperses the ink and paper, the ink itself, and software enabling the components to work in concert and turn out beautiful documents. Similarly, We Print Houses, has three components:
– Geopolymer concrete, a hydrophobic concrete, is our “ink”
– Spectacular engineering and architectural drawings are our “software”
– The We Print Houses 3D printing system is the printer, which includes a concrete mixer, pump, generator, and too many other moving parts to list!

Has We Print Houses built a 3D printed house?

We are preparing to break ground on Genesis (link to the floor plans), the first home in the U.S. to be designed, engineered, permitted, built, appraised and sold using this technology. Sited on a 100 x 120-foot lot featuring a 17-foot slope, Genesis will fully illustrate the complex architectural capabilities and reduced time, labor and material waste of the We Print Houses system. Genesis will be constructed with participation from partners including rock rebar company Basalt America, BauBox kitchen cabinetry, Elexa’s Guardian leak protection system, Porcelanosa kitchen and bath fixtures, RenewAire energy recovery ventilation, among others.

Are there pictures of a completed We Print Houses home?

We’ll have images and video available as soon as we break ground. You can also follow us on Instagram (link to the handle) to see real time updates on the site.

Can you get a permit for a 3D printed house?

The homes we’ve created for the We Print Houses 3D Printing System meet International Building Code, making the permitting process as seamless as possible, no matter where you want to build. That said, building permits are issued locally, and you will need local engineering for the foundation that meets the permitting requirements of your municipality.

How do I learn how to use the We Print Houses system?

Each licensee will receive two weeks of on-site training, which includes classroom instruction and hands-on experience with the We Print Houses system. Participants will gain practical experience in mixing, pumping, robotics control and repair, as well as processes and procedures. Instruction will be documented by the Franklin Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver and later used for virtual reality training.

How long will it take to receive the We Print Houses system?

The We Print Houses system will be delivered within 90-120 days from the date of order.

Do you ship the We Print Houses system?

Yes, shipping to the 48 Continental United States is included in the system licensing fee. Licensees outside of the continental United States will be required to cover shipping, taxes, tariffs and additional associated costs.

What are the benefits of printing a house versus traditional home building techniques?

There are numerous time- and waste-reducing benefits to printing a home. The GeoPolymer concrete used in our 3D printed homes are also 2-3 times stronger than concrete used in a traditional house, making them resistant to natural disasters. In addition to the strength of the geopolymer concrete structure, We Print Houses homes are further designed to withstand natural elements, from curved walls and buttressed ends to sunken roof lines to withstand wind.

How long does it take to print a We Print Houses home?

The We Print Houses system can build the primary home structure in 7-14 days, depending on inspection times!

Like any quality home, a 3D printed home needs a good foundation.

In most states, an engineer will need to design a foundation based on soil conditions, materials to be used and proximity to hazard areas such as flood plain or coastal erosion.

How much does it cost to build a We Print Houses home?

The cost for a We Print Houses home starts at $100 per square foot. Lot cost, lot development expenses, utility interconnect fees and permits, options, and amenities can increase the cost depending on where you build in the USA.

Are printed houses more economical to maintain?

Yes! 3D printed houses have lower energy, operations and maintenance costs. In addition, thanks to the durability of the materials against wind, earthquake and flooding, hazard insurance costs are reduced.

How much does it cost to become a We Print Houses licensee?

The cost of becoming a licensee is $450,000 which includes training, certification, and equipment, as well as shipping of the system to the 48 Continental United States. In addition, licensees will have access to the library of We Print Houses architectural plans and receive leads from home buyers interested in owning a 3D-Printed home in their region. As a bonus for early adopters of this business-transforming technology, the first certified licensee in each region will enjoy one year of exclusivity in his or her area, giving them a head start in the market!

Can We Print Houses finance me?

We Print Houses does not provide financing, however banks, credit unions and local leasing companies can help you find the investment capitol you need to incorporate this technology into your business.

What does the building schedule look like?

The We Print Houses system can build the primary home structure in 7-14 days, depending on inspection times!

I’m interested in buying a 3D-Printed home. Can you build me one now?

Please fill out our brief contact form, and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s a 3D Home-Printer in your area!