April 4, 2019
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We Print Houses is a 3D-printed home system that any builder can master in a matter of weeks

Austin, Texas-based residential building company Sunconomy and Forge New, a San Francisco, California-based residential development company, have partnered to lease and license an all-in-one 3D-printed home technology system to builders and contractors in the United States.

The first of its kind in the U.S., the We Print Houses 3D home printing system includes a mobile platform and all corresponding mechanical systems needed to construct a 3D-printed home. With the precision and speed of robotic “ink-jet” technology – and without the common pitfalls of traditional home building – the system produces complex design-driven homes faster, stronger and smarter. Houses are “printed” with hydrophobic, self-binding geopolymer cement.

More energy efficient with lower maintenance costs, the concrete homes are designed to meet International Building Code and feature disaster-resistant details such as curved walls and buttressed ends. The homes are built to withstand fire, hurricane- and tornadic-force winds, 8.0+ earthquakes, hail and flooding.

The first 25 licensees will be eligible for a one-year, territory-exclusive license to the We Print Houses system. Following a two-week training and certification program licensees are included in the We Print Houses marketplace, connecting to qualified builders and prospective home buyers.

Could 3D-printed buildings be next?