Changing the Face of Affordability with 3D Printed Homes

April 16, 2019
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The United States is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, the magnitude of which cannot be scaled with laws and Federal aid alone. In 2016, twenty-one million American families paid rents considered to be unaffordable by federal standards. Nearly eleven million of these were paying rents in excess of 50% of their household income. This is not only affecting the low and extremely low income families, but retirees and the elderly whose social security and benefits simply cannot keep up with the rising cost of housing. This isn’t a simple problem, and there are a confluence of factors affecting the issue, from inventory limitations, to stagnant wages, to the fact that 23% of homes are owned by investors who set the rents high, and have the luxury of losing money while they wait for a tenant who can pay it, among other things. But our country’s limited inventory of affordable rental homes, is only one side of the increasingly bleak tale.

On the other side, and perhaps even more devastating to our fundamental identity as Americans, is how difficult it is becoming for young people to purchase homes where they can build families and lay the foundation for their legacy. Our grandparents, whether they wore white collars or blue, anticipated that if they worked hard enough, they could secure a home for their families, and plant roots that would support their children to achieve even more, and settle into even nicer homes, in lovelier neighborhoods. Generation X is the first American generation to see this course-reversal, where they’re not experiencing the same level of wealth and stability as their parents. And for their children, the forecast is even worse. Millennials widely report that they have little hope of owning a home.

While our humble, Texas based startup cannot claim to have the solution to the widespread and complex affordability issues facing the nation, we believe that our 3D printed home technology will have a prominent role in putting more Americans in homes in a way that is faster, safer, and more affordable.

Our proprietary 3D printed home technology, utilizes self-binding geopolymer concrete to build beautiful homes that can withstand hurricane and tornadic force winds, fire and flooding. These homes take weeks, not months to build, and the streamlined printing process eliminates the need for a variety of subcontractors that add time expense and waste to the home building process.

We Print Houses homes are modern, design-forward, and built to withstand the forces of nature, including children and renters! Our homes are smart, sustainable, energy efficient, and void of common toxins and off-gassing materials used in traditional home building and design. And because we’re using essentially the same material with which the Romans built the Colosseum from floor to roof, homeowners can rest assured knowing that that every-other-year hail storm, or flash flood, won’t mean an every-other-year new roof, or mold removal – things that can make insurance skyrocket and tax the most prepared and seasoned homeowners.

We believe that 3D Printing Homes will disrupt the building industry, and provide the technology to right the ship on affordability. Our leading-edge technology and design can bring high quality homes to market at an exponentially faster pace than traditional building, while creating homes that are built to withstand the increasingly regular aggressions of nature. The combination of speed of manufacture, and overall durability translates to an unprecedented ability to meet the housing demands of emerging markets, and to rebuild after natural disasters in a way that is both future-forward, and fiscally responsible.

We print houses is on the precipice of this revolution, this movement. As with all technology, the first iterations can be more cost prohibitive than later versions. In our case, the price-tag of geopolymer concrete, which uses 85% waste products and must be mixed to specifications, and shipped to our local builders, will become increasingly less expensive when the number of builders and homes justifies additional manufacture and storage facilities throughout the nation. The increase in demand for this material will make it more readily available, driving the cost of 3D printed homes down, and the margins for the builder up. The same holds true for the production of each of our 3D Home Printers, which currently stands at 90-120 days. As more builders become certified licensees of our technology, our buying and hiring power on the manufacturing end increases, allowing us to get this game-changing system into the hands of more and more builders across the country, at a faster rate… So while we aren’t currently printing massive developments of future dream homes, we see the potential and have a crystal clear vision moving forward.

Each day, as prominent builders across the country sign on to be certified licensees of our proprietary technology, and begin to build beautiful, durable homes, We Print Houses is working diligently behind the scenes to educate industry stakeholders and to create strategic partnerships with future-forward lenders, insurance companies and other likeminded businesses leading the way in design, sustainability, science and technology, preparing for what we know will be a significant demand.

We say it all the time, and we’ll say it again. We’re more than just a technology company. We’re a company on a mission, poised and ready to be a part of the solution. We look forward to seeing our working and middle classes flourish and enjoying the option to own their own 3D Printed Homes – homes that can support generations through centuries, not decades.

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