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Sunconomy® has a grand social purpose made up of three foundational pillars.
These pillars are:


To build affordable, sustainable, smart, healthy homes that create annual savings to the owner through reduced costs of shelter, energy, water consumption, maintenance and transportation by:

  • Utilizing wind and solar renewable energy solutions with battery back up for maximum savings and 100% up time reliability
  • Minimizing maintenance costs with superior building materials and incredible designs
  • Designing the entire building to collect rain water and filter then store it in on-site catchment systems
  • Reducing transportation costs integrating ride sharing, autonomous vehicles and air taxi options


To provide job training and long-term employment opportunities in:

  • Building affordable houses, not cheap houses
  • Robotic building systems
  • Training contractors around the world to use our robotic systems, unique designs, geopolymer concrete formulations, IoT system integration, AV & VR system uses for sales and customer service for better response times for our builders
  • Production of products for the IoT (Internet of Things) with applications primarily around housing, home healthcare, food and transportation designed or applied to our houses in conjunction with industry experts and non profit entities
  • Installation and maintenance of solar, wind and biogas renewable energy systems.
  • Supply chain and procurement services for high value parts for housing units.


To be profitable in order to sustain #1 & #2 above to:

  • Pay back low interest construction and development loans
  • Design and build affordable, sustainable, healthy housing for sale to the public addressing the affordable housing crisis
  • Sustain the job training and employment opportunities for the veterans and disadvantaged people in our communities.
  • Collaborate with private companies to facilitate and showcase new technology, designs and applications of new materials