The We Print Houses system is an industry-changing all-in-one 3D home printing technology system. The first of its kind in the United States, it includes a mobile platform and all the corresponding components needed to construct 3D printed homes that are exponentially more time efficient, waste reducing and disaster resistant than traditionally built homes.

The We Print Houses system combines the agility and complexity of traditional home building with the precision and speed of “ink jet” printing technology, producing complex design-driven homes faster, stronger and smarter.

This printing system, coupled with innovative engineering, was specifically designed to meet code in all 50 states so that builders and developers can start building houses right away.

The system, which includes a highly maneuverable mobile platform outfitted with a proprietary printer head, “prints” entire houses with hydrophobic, self-binding, proprietary geopolymer cement, eliminating the need for in-demand subcontracting crews that often contribute to extensive labor costs and delays. The system constructs homes in a matter of days without the need for specialists such as brick layers, dry wall installers, roofers and other such tradesmen and sub-contractors.

The first 25 licensees will be eligible for a one-year, local territory exclusive license to the We Print Houses system, enabling them to get a jump start on the building technology in their area. In addition to the complete mobile 3D concrete printing system, which can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States within 120 days, each licensee will receive on-site training at We Print Houses’ construction sites, equipment certification, bi-annual site visits and ongoing marketing support. We Print Houses licensees will also have access to a portfolio of home plans designed by the company’s own architects to meet International Building Code and to feature disaster-resistant details such as curved walls to buttressed ends, roofs that lie below the roofline, stronger concrete, and houses that are more energy efficient and have a lower cost of maintenance. Coupled with the proprietary geopolymer cement structure, We Print Houses homes withstand nature’s brute forces of fire, hurricane and tornadic force winds, 8.0+ earthquakes, hail and flooding.

All licensees will participate in a two-week training and certification program on a We Print Houses construction site of Genesis, the first home in the U.S. to be designed, engineered, permitted, built, appraised and sold using this technology.

Licensees are then included in the We Print Houses marketplace, connecting qualified builders and prospective home buyers who have expressed interest in purchasing homes using this innovative technology.